Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Just give up now!

This is something I have pondered about for a while now, being the stubborn person that I am I have always been adamant in what I believe in. But recently, with a good friend and tons of hours of reflection later I find that there is really no need to always be right.I find that now I am more willing than ever to let go. That is a vital step not just for me and for everyone else who wishes to traverse the spiritual path.

Myself and I am certain a host of my readers included  have spent the majority of their lives building fences,blockades,placing armed forces to surround it just to protect our fragile egos.When you think about all our defenses what they are is really some sort of attack initiated by our ego.

Then we even have the audacity to begin to think that this defensive mechanism has brought us safety,strength,freedom from fear and self-preservation.But in truth it doesn't. It gives us quite the opposite of those things...putting us into a state of defense only makes us acknowledge our inherent weaknesses.

By all means forgive your fellow man,by doing so you  affirm that you my friend are not a victim and what someone says has no affect on you.

Defenselessness frees us, we are no longer in danger and when we have given up those arms,broken down those walls we begin to exemplify peace and find your true self.So just give up now! And you may begin to embody the great's mindsets of Ghandi, Jesus  and others like them.

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