Saturday, 20 July 2013

Are you ready for a major game of leap frog?

Now this is not your average, ordinary game...This game is a little different. See in this game you are the frog , the game is life and leaping is the sport. In life we are bound to take some major leaps and I know it can be scary...YOU put them off because you do not think you are ready yet or you feel you are not equipped for the journey....Let it be known Heart Followers that one only receives the strength needed to survive from fighting and it is not the strong that fight it is that we have no choice in whether we fight or not.
How to know whether you are ready for a major leap?

Here are the signs:
  • The pain of remaining stuck with the same old same old becomes more scary than the possibility of failure in the future.
  • You begin to see a newer stronger and  potentially a different you emerging.
  • You may notice that you are doing more despite what ever limitations you previously had.
  • You are more loving and are optimistic, thus you are more of a people magnet than ever before.
  • You begin to prepare for the possibility of taking a major leap, that is building yourself and your reserves for your upcoming battle.
  • All or most of your you down-time thoughts is committed to thoughts about taking a leap.
  • Not only do you prepare, you plan out meticulously in all aspects of your life on how this change will impact you and others alike.
  • You make real and concrete decisions into ensuring that the pathway from where you are now to your future are  without self-made roadblocks.

Heart Follower

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