Thursday, 4 July 2013

We know NOTHING!

This morning I have come to the conclusion that I know nothing about what I really want .(My close friend  was ABSOLUTELY right).This is true for all of us, we do not know what we want until we stumble upon it by accident AND we must do a great deal of stumbling to find it.See society has fed us with lies from when we were tiny and  gullible .These same ideas continued throughout our lives  to be fed to us as our own thoughts and feelings until we adopted these thoughts and feelings as our own,you begin to chase these things because you believe them to be yours.Only when we gained an entirely different perspective on life did we realise that society was wrong. You must give up these ideas and discover your real desires.
You discover your own ideas when you have actual experience of what you want. You don't know if you like it until you have tried it.Therefore you must try a lot of different things.You will know when you stumble upon it it will make something tingle in your consciousness in way that only you will comprehend.That's why you can't listen to anyone when it comes to what you want in your life.Knowing what makes you glow is like a second awakening,so I dare you to go out now and re-discover your own vastly uncharted soul ,re-connect with yourself and by all means get out of your comfort zone .It is the ONLY way to find what makes you glow!

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