Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shedding your old skin

The time is now to venture into all that you are.There lies within each of us at any given moment tremendous potential that we may never realise until we encounter resistance.Only by eliminating all the negatives and focusing on what can be changed can one see any results.Shedding your old skin and allowing new ideas and perspectives on doing things will certainly change you for the better but this is something you must do for yourself .Shed your skin your way ! There is no one right way for doing this.

Repeat this affirmation daily:

I have decided now in this moment that I will allow myself to release myself from my old skin and fit into my new skin.To do so I must release myself from clutter,old ideas,old routines and look for alternatives that are still in line with my beliefs.I will no longer be a creature of habit . I will embrace change and the spontaneity that comes with it, as I now know with all my heart that this old skin is truly holding me back from the life I could be living.

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