Sunday, 30 June 2013

Being vulnerable

We live in a world where exposing our real feelings,desires and motives are just unheard of.We constantly seem to connect with people  at the surface level.Never making meaningful and lasting connections because we are afraid of the pain that might come with it.Yet our inner worlds  yearn for such meaningful connections but we fail to bring this into the forefront in our outer worlds which brings about conflict in our everyday lives.

We have been taught to think that we ought to be strong and control our every situation.Let it be known no one can be truly strong without being vulnerable,one cannot love,or trust without being vulnerable.It  is by being completely and utterly okay with all of you that you exude strength. Vulnerability is about revealing something that you deny or keep hidden from everyone else it is not about showing the good parts of youMy point is we must drop the facade ,masks and whatever clown costumes we may wear and  expose who we really are , our intentions,motives ,desires  only then can we live the life we truly long for.

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