Friday, 13 December 2013

Unconditional love

Is that even possible? Is man capable of acting on love without even the slightest urgency of a love returned? Could man be that pure of heart? Is man capable of such?

These questions boggle my mind with such a resounding  fortitude that it is undeniable. If we were to take a man, strip away  his ego I'd say it was possible. In fact I would say the only being capable of loving another without any conditions is a man who has mastered himself and has been strip down to the core of his inner being, ego-less. It is the ego which promotes the disillusionment of building bridges when the ego does not facilitate such. Only love can. Only love can build bridges by which promotes the intimacy required for fulfilling a satisfied union. So who can love you regardless of situations or circumstance well your mother. This is not to say others may not. There may be plenty of people who love you for you irrespective of your short-comings. And that is the most beautiful thing one can experience. To be loved, valued and appreciated just by virtue of who you and not for what you can offer. Many people would kill to experience such a feeling.

One thing to note is that the love we hold for others is a direct reflection of the love we hold for ourselves. So  anytime our love fails it is because we do not love ourselves enough. You must love yourself so much so that love spills over and perfumes everyone that comes into contact with you.
So what is this unconditional love business about? Can you honestly say that you would love this person regardless of the situation, circumstance or who they might be.

For this kind of love to be brought into your life you must give up all notions of how you think he/she should be. Let love show up on its own terms. The universe is always on your side. Be weary that when you do find a good guy to remember that not everyone shows love the same ways, honor each others uniqueness and aim to understand each other. Embrace the differences. Let love show up!

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