Sunday, 8 December 2013


Age and maturity  have no correlation.  Way too many times I have found adults  that still act  like  children. Not in a good way in a way that questions their age and superiority among other things. When we lock our inner child and do not deal with the trauma that they have endured, our inner child starts to control our lives. The ''inner child'' is simply a metaphor for the place within each and everyone of us that is adventurous, cheerful, playful, curious. It is the part of us that never ceases to dream, to imagine, to be bold and creative. Without the expression of our inner child life is dull and monotonous. When we have allowed the world to taint us we become alone, sad, mistrustful, tense, irritable and suspicious among other things. Once we haven't designated time to heal our inner child, he/she will lash out in subtle ways through out our lives relentlessly. It is begging for healing, its asking you to simply let the love in. Truth is our inner child needs healing, when we ignore it our lives will continue to suffer. Until we heal our inner child we will never reach our true potential or become our highest self. We must dig deeper to soar higher.
As children, we internalised our every short-coming or everything we perceived to have done wrong as us not being good enough or there being something wrong with us. We essentially learned to reject ourselves. We ought to become more loving and nurturing with ourselves. To heal our past hurts we must look at your past and instead of wondering what was I thinking we must think what was I learning. Because every situation in your past is molding you into the person you were meant to be. We must forgive ourselves for neglecting our inner child and make a promise to heal ourselves before it is too late. We ought to lovingly accept our inner child as he/she is. Embrace all the quirky, frail, lovable and silly parts. Remind yourself daily that you are perfect, whole and lovable just as you are. Release the hurt by loving your inner child. NOTHING can heal like love can!
Below  is what maturity looks like if you don't exhibit these indicators be sure to re-evaluate yourself. Notice the reasons why you do what you do. Begin to heal your inner child and notice that you too will begin to act in the ways explained below.

  Indicators of Emotional maturity:
  • Love is sharing. Fosters a sense of security which allows vulnerability and strength. Can accept love.
  • Uses emotions as an energy source; can set goals and seek solutions.
  • Confronts and analyses challenges promptly, seeks many solutions and chooses the best ones. Accepts responsibility.
  • Helps enhance the quality of life of their loved ones and can accept help.
  • Life is a learning experience. Accepts responsibility and learns from feedback. Looks for opportunities. Moves on!
  • Relaxed and confident enough to plan and achieve what they want.
  • Is adaptable. A great independent worker, manager to team worker when required to. Experiences empathy and compassion.

Take time to care for your inner child. You must dig deeper to soar higher. After all you're worth it! You are destined for greatness.

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