Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The road to success..

The heights of great men reached and kept,were not obtained by sudden flight,but they,while their companions slept,were toiling upward in the night.-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The road to success requires hard work, determination and personal sacrifice. The road to success is narrow, it is not easy to find, the journey begins with a heart that will not rest until it is extraordinary. When you can look at the road you must traverse to get what you desire and say that you are willing to pay the price for your dreams you know you are ready to begin your journey.

 It's hard work! Don't expect your dreams to be handed to you. Don't expect to become a legend overnight when you haven't put in any work. It is something you must work for! Expect that you must work daily even when the mood you made your goal in has expired.You must remain committed to your end result.
Set your mind, body, soul and every fibre of your existence into motion to do everything necessary to be your best self. Determination means you don't make excuses for yourself! You find your weaknesses and annihilate them. You never let your emotions control you.

You must make a daily commitment to your task.This requires personal sacrifice.It's about giving up pleasure now to do the work to reap greater rewards later.You must stay focused on the prize!

Who will answer the call to excellence?  Who will dare to be great?  Who are unafraid of becoming a legend? Anyone can  become a legend. Will you be the one to overcome every obstacle standing in your way and step into the great life you desire?  Only time shall tell....

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