Sunday, 8 September 2013

11 Things you need to stop doing

  1. Running away from your problems:Running away is not the solution.You will never  make progress until you face your demons. So get on it!
  2. Complaining is not the answer !: Instead focus on the positive what can be changed to make your life better now.
  3. Surrounding yourself with the wrong influences:This should go without saying, negative people will only bring you down to their level which is all they way at the bottom of the food chain.Where you ought to be is on top! If you do not value yourself enough you will always be led astray by the idle whims and fancies of a lesser man. But he who sees his magnificence will rise to meet many victories along with his great and loyal allies.
  4. Not trusting yourself: Trust your guts it will not lead you astray. Realise your worth and pay no heed to people how think you are anything but special. Rely on yourself and your abilities.Never doubt that there exists in your something that is note-worthy and meant to be expressed.
  5. Forgetting about your needs and how special you are: When we neglect our own needs and  forget how much of unique being we are everything in our life suffers. Before we can take care of someone else's needs we must care for our own first.We cannot give what it is we do not have.
  6. Being engrossed with the past or future: All of your attention should be given to the present moment and how you can make this moment legendary.
  7. Taking the path of least resistance: Don't expect anything to be handed to you-life ain't easy! To be extraordinary you must blaze trails of your own making.
  8. Don't pretend!: Don't lie to yourself, Don't pretend that everything is okay, Don't put on a mask every time you leave the door.You owe it to yourself and God to allow your true self to be expressed moment by moment only then will many of the problems you encounter vanish.
  9. Don't pursue it unless it aligns with your values: If it ain't working then honey we are not on the same wavelength and you needs to check yourself before you wreck yourself.Don't chase after things that do not align with your core values this will save you time and regret.
  10. Blaming everyone else for they way your life is: Which is utter crap by the way. I don't care what the circumstances are but you are not powerless.You own whatever happens to you and you alone will reap the rewards when you take responsibility for your mess and make that mess into something beautiful.
  11. Being to busy for down-time: Down-time is important ,we need some time to appreciate the good in life, count our blessings and de-stress.

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