Saturday, 30 November 2013

When your fears start to manifest

All you feel  like  screaming  is I hate  you to the person  you once  loved. A million  thoughts  transpire  and materialise  into reality. How  can I hate  you so much ? Well  your  a liar for one . You  spun  my head round  until  it was unscrewed and then ask where  my sanity  had gone ! Down  the grain  of course  along  with your  morality, chivalry and your  humility. Arrogant fool, I hate you, love  you and hate  that  I love  you despite  it all. What  is it that  you do to me? Have  you got your  love  spells  in those  eyes ....well  take  them  out because  I don't  want  fall for your  wicked  games  anymore. Loving  you is such  a chore  I might  as well give  up the race. Let someone  else  have  you. Because  you give  me nothing  but time  to bleed and bleed  my blood  and you stare  without  a care  in the world. I hate you but I love  you. Never  thought  that  was possible but I guess  it is because  that  is exactly  how  I feel. Stupid  fool ,ok I know  it was initially  my fault  but I ........
I regret  it so much  now and it pains  me to admit it  because  I know  you don't  care anymore. I hate  that  you don't  care anymore  but I know  its  my fault . Wish  it  could  be fixed but you have  moved  on and I haven't . Silly  old me ......
Excuse the melodrama! Whenever you feel like this realise that you deserve far better than this. LET IT GO! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! That's all there is to it! Let it go and let God guide you to far better places. Allow God to fill you where ever this person left cracks.
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