Friday, 6 September 2013

Why I find gossiping a waste of my energy.

For along time I have found that gossipping while it can be oh so interesting –vapid.

What vital information –when I say vital information  I mean is anything that we are saying important to our survival or required for us to learn from and grow?- If not then what are we still yapping about.

I am not telling you to be boring and not say a thing but if you have to talk about badly of other people to seem interesting than you are not only shallow but boring as well. And who would want to be associated with you anyway-well only people as vapid as you are! There are plenty of other more uplifting things you can talk about like how to change those bad habits, how you really feel, things you are passionate about among other things or be interested in what the other person has to say for a change.

There are exception if you are saying things that are positive about the person,  if you are saying to a friend we will never do what that person did, but if we are just spreading rumours or defaming someone’s character when you really have no clue what goes on in that person’s life, when you cast judgement upon them without knowing all the facts you are pretty much a very unenlightened spiritual being. People on a much higher level of consciousness have no energy to be wasted on such things.

Things like gossipping suck us in and leave us without much energy to do the important stuff. And neither of the two things serve to better ourselves in any way, shape or form. When you finally cut this out from your life you will begin to realise and use up all the abundant energy for things like reading, exercising and spending real quality time with the people that matter because you have so much more time and energy to do so. More than likely because you may be on a different energy level some people may not be on the same wavelength anymore, in time they may just as well catch up with you but its only natural that you may avoid the situations and people that no longer suit your new lifestyle. Eventually you may re-connect with the same people and situations but in time.

Simply cutting out the negative and develop the positive and you may discover a realm of limitless possibilities, all because your energy and focus has shifted to your goals and dreams and finding a way for them to flourish.

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